Welcome to

Mojave's Den


You surprised me, popping into my den like that, and that's the noise I make when I'm surprised. But now that you're here let me introduce myself: I'm Mojave Tortoise, "Mo" to my friends, or "Gopherus agassizi" if you want to be formal. I'm a house tortoise, and I have lots of friends out here in Palm Desert, California.

Now meet the other denizens of my den. They're Frank C. Gunderloy, Jr. and Pauline L. Gunderloy. They make sure I have veggies to munch on, water to drink, and a burrow where I can take a long nap in the winter months. I understand they have lives of their own, although I don't pay much attention to such stuff. But just in case you're interested, here they are, and they've cluttered up the left wall of my den with all kinds of things about themselves to try to make the place more interesting.

Personally, I'd rather have a nice plate of greens and a banana.

Me, lunching on the lawn

The Denizens on Their Night Off